What is ODLK1?

BOINC-project ODLK1 continues to solve the problem of BOINC-project ODLK.
The project generates a database of canonical forms (CF) of diagonal Latin squares (DLS) of order 10 having orthogonal diagonal Latin squares (ODLS).
The necessary definitions for the theme can be found here:

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The results of ODLK and ODLK1 projects as of January 1, 2019
Dear participants!

At the moment our database contains 5714925 unique CFs ODLS.
See message

All results are published.

Thank you very much for your work!
22 Jan 2019, 11:59:45 UTC · Discuss

Congratulations to the team Gridcoin!
Congratulations to the team Gridcoin with a record - a billion points!

Gridcoin 723 2,661,267 1,004,314,911 United States Другое

I ask the administrators of the project ODLK1 Progger and ice00 to issue the corresponding badge.

Team Gridcoin: thank you very much for participating in the project!
11 Jan 2019, 16:36:52 UTC · Discuss

Autonomous Subproject
Dear participants!

I'm trying to run autonomous subproject.
The subproject uses my algorithm “pseudo-associative DLSs”.
Jobs are generated by my program. Jobs check is performed by Belyshev colleague program (family_mar.exe).

I ask everyone to support the subproject.
I really need your help!
I have thousands of tasks, several algorithms, I perform dozens of experiments.
I can't handle all the work!

Perhaps this attempt will help to further translate the stand-alone subproject onto the BOINC platform.
I am ready to do it right now. But I do not know how to run subprojects in the BOINC platform.

Here is the first block of tasks

Try everyone! It works!
Read on for details.
16 Dec 2018, 12:46:53 UTC · Discuss

The raw results for September - December 2018
Dear participants!

You can download the raw results for September - November 2018 from the ODLK1 project via the following link

The results were published by the project administrator ice00.
3 Dec 2018, 4:10:44 UTC · Discuss

Happy Birthday, ODLK1 project!
Dear participants!

Today BOINC project ODLK1 is one year old.

Happy Birthday!

Your best gift is your participation!

See our gifts.
5 Nov 2018, 3:21:30 UTC · Discuss

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